Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The uncertainty of life,
The certainty of death.
The uncertainty of eternity,
What do you believe?

Monday, August 18, 2014

The theory of everything


Finally something I feel like watching. The last movie I watched if I remember correctly was tom cruise's edge of tomorrow. Probably went to the theaters less than 5 times this year and nothing quite memorable cept perhaps for Her.
Wonder how I used to be able to do a movie a week kinda thing but now, it just seemed tiresome to watch something for the sake of watching something.

Theory of everything is a biopic of Stephen Hawking's earlier life in Cambridge before he had ALS, and when he first knew Jane Hawking. Sounds like a guaranteed sob fest.

On another unrelated note, am such a sucker for fairy lights. They just pretty up things ordinary.

The wonders

Will I see all the beauty you have created?
This life is too brief,
To be filled with all the wonders
You have placed before me.
These legs you made
How far can they travel
Before they crumble?
These hands you moulded
How many lives can they touch
Before they fall by my side?
This breath I take,
Of each I count,
It may be the last,
Today or tomorrow,
Nobody knows.
The days are numbered
Just as you said.
And I sit here
Wondering which day is my end.
It may be today,
It may be tomorrow.
Everything is in your hand.
And I pray for one more day,
The longest summer's day,
To see, to feel, to hear,
Just one more wonder that you had created
Before time began.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

The great gatsby- f. Scott Fitzgerald

Re-read the great gatsby. Still find it all rather tragic. I don't think anyone is capable of that much love as gatsby, well apart from God, of course. It's not quite believable that a short romance could last through 5 years of not seeing one another. And that one would be willing to mould and live one's life just so as to please another person. Gatsby had known that Daisy was married to Tom and yet continued to live for that hope that she still loved him and not Tom. During the absence of Daisy, he had schemed and worked his way to a huge fortune (albeit through underground means) just so he could afford a mansion that was close to where daisy was and which he thought, would impress her. The parties he threw each weekend were all for the hope that she would drop in one day and be impressed. Alas, it was all for nothing. Though she did want him, she wasn't in love with him enough to sacrifice a single
thing for him.
I do quite like the first meeting they had after 5 years apart. You could feel gatsby's anxiety and anticipation on seeing Daisy again. The awkwardness and embarrassment that hung in the air because each didn't quite know what to say in front of each other. I think it happens to most people. You just get all tongue tied and dumb in front of the person you like.
A tragic story which I'm beginning to like and which I think is worth re-reading.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Things are funny and have a way of
Working their own way out. Was deliberating for some time what i could possibly do at the orphanage. And teaching english was one of the ideas i had. was procrastinating and deliberating if I should really commit myself to something like that and also how to go about starting it. Then got to know a girl (whom ive never met) who has been teaching English there through Samuel. Still, I procrastinate about asking her for more details. But the thought and the urge of doing it never dissipated and i guess i was just bidding for time. But for no apparent reason today, she asked if anyone's interested in teaching English as she's short handed! The message is too in the face to not take up the offer. So I did.

Monday, August 4, 2014

The miraculous journey of Edward Tulane- Kate dicamillo

Got this ebook on the net. A very beautiful and touching children's book. It tells of a precious china rabbit who was loved by a girl named Abilene. But the rabbit's heart was closed and did not love or care for anyone, not even Abilene who loved him with all her heart. One day, Abilene's family decided to get on a cruise to England; Edward was of course, included in the trip. On the ship, Abilene was teased by two boys and the two boys snatched Edward away and flung him into the deep deep ocean. There Edward stayed season after season, never having a chance to see the stars that he so loved. Then a fierce storm came and threw Edward to the surface of the ocean. He was hauled in by a fisherman called Lawrence who gave Edward to his wife, Nellie. So Edward became Susanna and was well-loved by the old couple, who treated him like a little child. Edward was happy there until the old couple's obnoxious daughter came to visit. Lolly thought Edward ridiculous and dumped him into a trash bin when Nellie wasn't looking. As Edward was carted away by the garbage truck, he felt for the first time a sharp pain to his heart. His heart called out to Nellie and Lawrence. There in the garbage pile, Edward stayed till he was picked up by a dog, Lucy. Lucy belonged to a hobo named Bull. So Edward became Malone and travelled on the road with Bull and Lucy. He enjoyed Bull's stories and songs. Life was good for seven years until Bull and Lucy were caught hitching a free ride on a train. Edward was tossed out of the train. Something deep inside of Edward ached because once again, he was alone. An old lady picked Edward up and he became Clyde the scarecrow. Then came a boy named Bryce who worked for the old lady. Bryce decided to steal Edward for his very ill sister, Sarah Ruth. Edward became Jangles and he was loved fiercely by Sarah Ruth. Edward was happy.
One day, Bryce decided to fit Edward with strings and sticks to make him dance like a puppet. Bryce would play the harmonica and Edward would dance. Then Sarah Ruth's illness worsened and she died. Edward was devastated. He had fallen in love with Sarah Ruth and she had died. Bryce decided to run away to Memphis with Edward. In Memphis Bryce busked on the street,using his harmonica and making Edward dance. Edward was sad and felt hollow because he was dancing not for Sarah Ruth but for strangers.
With his earnings Bryce took Edward to a diner but didn't have enough to pay for the meal he had eaten. Edward was tossed by the owner against a window in a rage. Edward's head cracked into pieces. Whn he awoke he found himself in a doll mender's shop. Bryce had brought him there. However Bryce couldn't afford to pay the mender the fees to mend Edward. The mender gave Bryce two options:to seek other shops for assistance or to give Edward up when he was mended. Bryce chose the latter. This part was particularly touching to me. Bryce had knew that to love meant having the other party's interests at heart, even though it might mean breaking your own heart.
Bryce came back to the shop to have a last look at Edward. He was told by the mender never to come back again. Once again, Edward was alone and he felt his heart turn cold, determined never to love again. An old doll next to Edward told him to open his heart,that someday, someone will come for him. Edward's heart began to stir a little and began yearning for someone to love him again.
Many seasons came and went. Then a 5-year old named Maggie came into the shop. She looked around the shop and her eyes settled on Edward. She wanted him. Maggie's mother came and told her that she couldn't buy dolls that day. Then Edward saw a familiar object that belonged to him around the woman's neck- his old pocket watch. The woman was Abilene. So Edward returned to the girl who had first loved him, and who had loved him with all her heart. Edward reflected back and realized he had been loved by many and had also learned how to love.

In our current world, most of us are stingy with our love. In fact, some of us may never really understand or know the meaning of love. Sometimes love is used. We want love only for our own interests and not for the interest of the other party.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

It caught me by surprise the way I've started missing the kids after just a mere 3 days with them. They are just so incredible- open, joyful, caring for one another, etc. Hopefully the fire for them will not burn out and I'll have the strength and perseverance to do more for them.
On another note, was amused by another incident during the trip. I realized I've been getting more and more impatient. When a prayer gets too long, I find myself wandering. When someone talks too much and too long, I get annoyed and start wishing that person would hurry up and get to the point. When I don't see immediate results, I tend to give up whatever I am doing. Knowing my impatient nature, I prayed before the trip for God to grant me patience. And the funny thing was the group I was assigned to was called patience! Just what i prayed for and I didn't realize it until the last day of the trip... Rather retarded.
I think I have gained more from the trip than I gave. Of all the kids, I was impressed most by Arwan-hardworking, kind, talented, mature, and God-loving. I have more affinity with Mefati though and was very happy to see how he opened up on the last day of the trip. Before that we asked him to sing for us and he refused to. On the last day, he brought a guitar and just sat in front of me and asked me to sing while he played. I didn't know the song so couldn't sing. Then he just started singing three songs to me. Very heartwarming. It really doesn't take much to bring joy to someone. Was very impressed with Samuel as well. He acted as our translator as he was the only one out of the whole group to speak good English. He has also signed up for Bible college. I like him most for his humour and the way he takes care of the rest of the kids like a big brother-teaching them songs and just watching over them. I thank God for the opportunity to know these people.