Thursday, September 18, 2014

Always a sense of nostalgia when I'm in Pasir Ris. More so than when I'm in bedok. Countless good memories and the bad as well... What I miss most perhaps is those solitary rides to the beach, the Late night drinking at the old fisherman village, and star-watching with friends.

Friday, August 29, 2014

One is born and another dies

What day is it?
In a drunken stupor I awoke,
And The years have passed me by.
Hellos and goodbyes,
To The new and the old,
A baby's cry
Muffled by the cries,
of those left behind.
Hello and goodbye,
One is born,
And another dies.
A day ends
And another begins.
What is new,
Becomes old.

Nothing is ever new,
A wise man once said.
Of riches earned
And then sold,
Of time wasted,
That never returns.
Of love given,
and casted away.
The days will grow cold,
The wise man forewarned.
They will cut you in the bones.
And then what remains,
When the coals turn to ash,
Is only your soul.

This came about coz of what happened today. Was contemplating postponing piano class coz got to know that e's FIL had passed today at Sgh. Wanted to attend the wake...and then received a message from the piano teacher that she had to visit a friend who had just given birth, so she had to cancel the class. Both of us had to take a raincheck for contrasting reasons.. Indeed, one is born and another dies....nothing is ever new comes from Solomon in Ecclesiastes... Talks about the meaninglessness of everything.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The uncertainty of life,
The certainty of death.
The uncertainty of eternity,
What do you believe?

Monday, August 18, 2014

The theory of everything

Finally something I feel like watching. The last movie I watched if I remember correctly was tom cruise's edge of tomorrow. Probably went to the theaters less than 5 times this year and nothing quite memorable cept perhaps for Her.
Wonder how I used to be able to do a movie a week kinda thing but now, it just seemed tiresome to watch something for the sake of watching something.

Theory of everything is a biopic of Stephen Hawking's earlier life in Cambridge before he had ALS, and when he first knew Jane Hawking. Sounds like a guaranteed sob fest.

On another unrelated note, am such a sucker for fairy lights. They just pretty up things ordinary.

The wonders

Will I see all the beauty you have created?
This life is too brief,
To be filled with all the wonders
You have placed before me.
These legs you made
How far can they travel
Before they crumble?
These hands you moulded
How many lives can they touch
Before they fall by my side?
This breath I take,
Of each I count,
It may be the last,
Today or tomorrow,
Nobody knows.
The days are numbered
Just as you said.
And I sit here
Wondering which day is my end.
It may be today,
It may be tomorrow.
Everything is in your hand.
And I pray for one more day,
The longest summer's day,
To see, to feel, to hear,
Just one more wonder that you had created
Before time began.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

The great gatsby- f. Scott Fitzgerald

Re-read the great gatsby. Still find it all rather tragic. I don't think anyone is capable of that much love as gatsby, well apart from God, of course. It's not quite believable that a short romance could last through 5 years of not seeing one another. And that one would be willing to mould and live one's life just so as to please another person. Gatsby had known that Daisy was married to Tom and yet continued to live for that hope that she still loved him and not Tom. During the absence of Daisy, he had schemed and worked his way to a huge fortune (albeit through underground means) just so he could afford a mansion that was close to where daisy was and which he thought, would impress her. The parties he threw each weekend were all for the hope that she would drop in one day and be impressed. Alas, it was all for nothing. Though she did want him, she wasn't in love with him enough to sacrifice a single
thing for him.
I do quite like the first meeting they had after 5 years apart. You could feel gatsby's anxiety and anticipation on seeing Daisy again. The awkwardness and embarrassment that hung in the air because each didn't quite know what to say in front of each other. I think it happens to most people. You just get all tongue tied and dumb in front of the person you like.
A tragic story which I'm beginning to like and which I think is worth re-reading.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Things are funny and have a way of
Working their own way out. Was deliberating for some time what i could possibly do at the orphanage. And teaching english was one of the ideas i had. was procrastinating and deliberating if I should really commit myself to something like that and also how to go about starting it. Then got to know a girl (whom ive never met) who has been teaching English there through Samuel. Still, I procrastinate about asking her for more details. But the thought and the urge of doing it never dissipated and i guess i was just bidding for time. But for no apparent reason today, she asked if anyone's interested in teaching English as she's short handed! The message is too in the face to not take up the offer. So I did.