Monday, September 26, 2016

The trouble with love is...
Finding it
Keeping it
Holding it.
The trouble with love is...
Watching it take its last breath
Letting it die
While you watch
Not daring to say goodbye.
The trouble with love is...
Not knowing what it is
Knowing what it is
And letting it slip
Through your fingers.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Two can play the game

Two can play the game, you say.
But I do not know all the rules.
You say her name once, twice, thrice
And all I can say is I lose.

Two can play the game, you say.
But it is a heart you take,
And it is a heart that you break.
all I have to say to you is goodbye. 

Two can't play the game, I say 
Someone will have to lose,
Someone will have to weep,
It is you I will forget someday.

Two can't play the game, I say.
Someone will have to walk away.
Perhaps, perhaps I will understand someday,
All the games you play,
And all the rules you make,
And all the rules I have broken. 

Monday, September 12, 2016

Sing a requiem for the living 
For they might just as well be dead.
With eyes wide open 
But they might just as well be closed. 

Where could I keep you
But in the recesses of my heart?
The time has come 
And I am all ready to fall apart. 

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Will I ever forgive you?
Will you ever forgive me?
We sing of love that doesn't exist,
We talk of tomorrows that will never come. 
I shut my eyes
Close my ears 
You took away my beliefs 
Why am I still standing here?
What is mine
What is yours
Hands no longer intertwined.
Hearts that no longer speak.
Winter takes away all the memories of old.
Youth that was bought and sold,
For a dime, for a laugh,
And now there are only regrets,
For a dime, for a laugh,
Now the time has come 
For my silent tears. 

Monday, September 5, 2016


Hermit days... Sometimes I just wish to get away from obligations, tasks, people...starting to regret committing myself to things... 
Can one truly get away from it all? 
Feeling the frustration but not knowing its source.. Maybe I just need alone time. 

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Of love and other demons - Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Another delayed review... Sigh getting lazy at this. 
I quite like the prose in the book and the plot was relatively enticing- priests, a mysterious girl, demons, exorcism, mysticism.... 
It did get a little creepy at some parts of the book yet there's a hint of romanticism as well, albeit a strange one.

The book opened with a foreword by the author himself, recounting a visit he made to the burial crypts of the convent of Santa Clara. Tombs were being hacked and remains were to be transferred to a common grave. He was taken aback by one of the crypts, when upon hacking, a stream of vibrant copper hair flowed out. The hair measured more than 22 meters long and belonged to a girl named Sierva Maria de Todos Los Angeles. This Sierva Maria became the title character of the book. 
Sierva was a beautiful, enchanting girl who was bitten by a dog who was later found to carry the rabies virus.

After being seen by a multitude of physicians, mystic healers, pharmacists, she was suspected to be demon-possessed. This brought the intervention of the bishop and his assistant (for lack of a better word), Father Cayetano Delaura, a learned man who loved books. Sierva Maria was brought to the convent of Santa Clara and locked up in a cell, to await her exorcism. Cayetano was tasked to do the job. However, he began to fall for the wiles of Sierva and began to desire her so much that he was ready to give up his priesthood. 
He was constantly tormented by the images of Sierva Maria, eventually he began stealing into her cell and spending time with her reading poetries and in each other's arms. 

We couldn't be quite sure if Sierva Maria was truly possessed or if it was superstitions at work. At one part of the story, her hair coiled like serpents and she spewed green spittle and displayed an insurmountable strength, leading Cayetano to despair at the fact that she truly was a demon. 
Yet he was unable to free himself from her. Cayetano was then banished to a hospital for lepers and never was he able to return to Sierva Maria. Sierva Maria waited in vain for him and eventually died of what I supposed was starvation and sadness. 

On her deathbed, Maria looked radiant and lovely copper hair sprung from her shaved head mysteriously. 

A very strange story but captivating nonetheless.