Friday, January 23, 2015

The lawlessness of this world
Where right becomes wrong
And wrong becomes right. 
Where there once was black and white
Now it is only gray.

We are standing on quicksand,
And living in a house of cards.
When the storm comes
All will be blown away,
And all we can do
Is sink deeper into our hollowness.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

1663 days

With his last dollar
He bought a rose
And laid it upon 
Her grave.
Her grave,
Tinted a color of green 
By time and moss.

She had once been full of life
But now she laid
A long way underground.
But he loved her anyhow,
Even now,
When she laid,
Six feet underground.

The rose,
A pale ivory color,
Was her favorite bloom
It always chased away her gloom.
Oh How he missed her.
The way the sunlight danced across her ebony hair,
The way her eyes shone with love,
The way she was,
He had loved her entire being. 

But now she laid
Where the sun would never shine.
Oh how she must miss the warmth,
The old man thought.
How he wished he could lay there beside her,
In that cold dark grave.
The old man sighed
And walked unsteadily away from the grave. 
Another day apart,
Just another day added to that 1663 days.

The imitation game

Quite an awesome movie which tells of Alan Turing's role in the Second World War. Turing was a mathematician/cryptologist, who devised a computer of sorts to break the Nazi's Enigma code. When one thinks of wars, one always thinks of the "frontliners" as the war heroes but the brains behind the scenes are equally important. Anyhow poor Turing, for all his war efforts, was eventually persecuted for homosexuality and had to go through chemical castration. He later killed himself (debatable) at age 41. 
It is probably unthinkable now to prosecute/persecute people based on their sexual orientation but I wonder what the origin of moral codes/law is. How do we decide what is right or wrong, how do we decide which wrong is a heavier sin than the other, how do we decide which sin is punishable? 
How we judge morals are often based on what religion dictates as right/wrong. If following that line of thought, then yes homosexuality is a sin. But so is murder, stealing, lying, adultery, hatred, etc. Is one sin heavier than the other? We discussed recently during BS that all sins are created equal. Hence, it is not true that Christianity rejects homosexuals but rather it views homosexuality as just one of the many sins of mankind. Does a church reject someone from entering its doors just because that person had told a lie the day before? Obviously not, otherwise, all churches would be devoid of a congregation. But then again, at the back of our minds, we human beings do weigh and compare sins. We often ask can a serial murderer be pardoned if at the end of his life, he begs for forgiveness and accept God? A lot of us have issues with this because of the unfairness of it. Would we feel the same way about a serial liar? Or a serial "angry" person? 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Role models

During bible study, we were asked who our role models were. Honestly, I couldn't think of any at that time. There are people whom I admire for their talents, tenacity, etc but as a role model, there really aren't many. But after a while, started to realize that yes, I do have one and that is Jesus. I of course didn't say this during bs, because it would have sounded too politically correct. It's really hard to imagine anyone else who could love as much as He did and truly truly forgive others for their trespasses as He did. His 
wonder lies not in his miracles and power or even as the son of God but for his ability to love. 
After all they did to him, this was what he said:
Luke 23:34 Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” 

Indeed, most of the times we do not know what we do. I think most of us have inherited God's capacity to love but sometimes, this capacity gets overshadowed by our inherent darker nature- selfishness, greediness, etc. for some, there may come a point where they lose all of that goodness. It often starts with a little anger, a little bitterness but if we are not careful, we can get engulfed by and trapped in our own shadows. 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Love of his life

"Of course you can't find what you are looking for! You don't even know what you are looking for, don't you?!" The old man looked askance at the boy who looked piteously lost. 
The boy stared at the old man for a brief moment. Then sadly, he bowed his head. Yes, the old man was right. He had packed all his treasured belongings (which included a teddy bear with just one eye, $10 worth of loose change, his favorite book "treasure island", and a photograph of his mother when she was very young) determined to find the love of his life, you know, the kind that made your every pore feel alive, the kind that occupied your every waking moment, the kind that gave you goosebumps, the kind that drove you out of bed each morning, that kind of love. 
And yet, he did not know how that love of his life looked like; that love of his life had no name, not even, yes not even a category. Was it the pretty girl with the long dark hair who sat in front of him in science class? Was it a piece of music, a book, a hobby, a musical instrument, a pet? He didn't have the answer. 

The flowers

The flowers bloomed
Under that eternal sunshine.
But those in the shadows,
They wilted and died.
Across that wide ocean,
The petals of the dead ones,
Were tossed and turned
with the ravaging waves. 


It is no wonder God reminds us constantly to love one another and to forgive others. Human beings are such pain in the ass sometimes and to have a forgiving heart, despite all injustice and unfairness we experience and see, is a challenge.

I leave myself with this clip as a reminder to have a bigger heart. What injustice is greater than that of someone killing your loved one?