Sunday, April 20, 2014

Beginning of a storm

I love the beginning of a storm,
When gusts of wind gather the dead leaves
And swirl them around unsuspecting passersby,
When you can feel every molecule of the wind against your skin.
When the skies turn dark
And grey clouds loom so low
That you feel that little closer to the skies.

I love the beginning of a storm,
When thunder rumbles in the distance,
When you can smell the impending rain,
And hear the rustling of the trees.

I love the beginning of a storm
Before that first drop of rain falls
Before the skies break loose
And pours
And people scatter and run
Into their safe hiding places.

Didn't mean for this to be a poem but it turned out to be one anyhow. Stormy day today but it cleared too fast.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Herein lies the rose
Buried deep under the snow
Blood seeped from its thorns
The many hearts it pricked
And turning them cold.

Her words fell insipidly from her lips; they were mostly weightless. She was frivolous with a pompous ditzy air about her. Nothing she ever did was productive. She loved nothing more than a lazy afternoon under the parasol on the beach or drinking a whiskey and soda in the cool gardens of the sprawling mansion.
She was beautiful no doubt, with her pale, lanky neck, and skin like peaches and cream. Her big doe-like eyes charmed a many men, who pursued her relentlessly but soon grew weary and bored of her nothingness.
She wished she had the smarts about her like her older, less attractive sister. She walked into the study and ran her fingers through Eleanor's books. Books on history, astronomy, geography, philosophy; Eleanor's interests were wide and varied. She had a natural sense of curiosity about the world around her and was constantly amazed by new facts she did not know before. A pity though her face did not reflect the fire burning inside of her but her eyes were kind, much like her soul. This kindness and passion however, did not bring her as many suitors as her sister, Elizabeth, or Izzy as she preferred to be called. The two sisters envied one another for what each lacked. Izzy, a brain and passion, Eleanor, a face that could charm the steeliest of hearts.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

For You

The past has been washed away.
Something new is here to stay.
Through the years,
I have groped,
Stumbled and fell.
Sometimes I felt You,
Most times I was alone.
But something new
Was created today.
Your light shone a little brighter,
No longer am I in the dark.

Some things are still a mystery to me
And some things You have revealed.
I saw the rainbow's end,
It was in my heart all this time.
I was blind to Your treasure,
Blinded by the dazzling lights
Of the world,
Which almost stole my soul away.

What is Truth?
Swallowed whole by this insidious world.
We dug through the ages,
Dug through the depth of the earth,
To find it.
But yes, it was in our hearts all this time.
Your Truth,
The only thing that remains unchanged,
Yet forever evolving and alive.

Baptism day....

I wish I can draw/paint better....

Thursday, April 10, 2014

We spoke in riddles
The truth written in our hearts

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Blessed is the one
Without a heart.
Blessed is the one
Absolved from love.
What are we?
Wandering stardust
Emptied from the potter's bowl.
We swam across the Milky Way,
Danced on the moons of Jupiter,
Wished upon the billions of stars
Spinning in the dark abyss of space.
day dreamed under saturn's tree
Of a tomorrow only we know
The eclipsed moon
Hid her secrets.

Random words, couldn't find a way to finish them. The inkwell has run dry.....